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Issue 73 Jan-Feb 2018
Issue 73 Jan-Feb 2018
Item#: 73

Table of Contents of This Issue
  • Always the Right Time For the Right Bank- Recently-Tasted Pomerol and St. Émilion.
  • Another Full Roster Of Beautiful Wines From Piemonte- Bruno Giacosa, Bartolo Mascarello, Burlotto, Marcarini, The Produttori and Many More.
  • A First Look At the Excellent 2016 Vintage In the Northern Rhône and Plenty More 2015s and Older Vintages.
  • New Champagne Releases From Transatlantic Bubbles.
  • A Few More 2016 Beaujolais To Set the Stage For a Spring Visit.
  • The White Burgundy Vintages- 2012-2015: Drinking Now?
  • Catching Up On Sauternes- Recently-Tasted Ambrosial Elixirs.