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Issue 82- July-Aug 2019
Issue 82- July-Aug 2019
Item#: 82

Table of Contents of This Issue
  • The Excellent 1977 California Cabernet Vintage- Emerging From the Prolonged Slumber of a Very-Structured Drought Vintage To Finally Shine.
  • The Buried Treasure of Aged German Riesling Kabinetten.
  • The Maestro of Avize- Anselme Selosse and His Hand-Crafted , Comprehensive Revolution In Champagne.
  • The Bi-Annual Neo-Classical American Wine Report- Tons Of Great New Releases and Notes All the Way Back To 1974.
  • The 2016s From Nicolas Potelís Domaine de Bellene and Maison Roche de Bellene.